For strength and harmony in your world, both inside and out - and thus also in ours.

Strength and harmony within our body are fundamental for being happy and living a healthy life – that’s where Geshlen comes in.

Our philosophy essentially comprises three important, yet conceptually and socially very inflationary and one-sidedly understood aspects, which we hope will soon be more openly debated and viewed through a curious spirit:

health – healing – life

Of course we would like to share this with everyone who is interested. We look forward to an ongoing learning process, to immerse ourselves in holistic perspectives and invite you to start this journey with us. It’s never too late to break new ground and realize ideas that may sound dreamy to others. These new paths are a driving force for our everyday business life, our philosophy and also inspire us to create new products, compositions rising from ideas we encounter in our natural environment as long as we walk awake through this world. Our vision is to honestly look at the connection of our influences, to awaken inner potentials that have been sleeping for too long, to inspire each other to work on our own personality and, of course, to create a wide range of purely herbal and native products in our laboratory, for all of us, promoting and supplementing health.

We want you and us to feel the inner strength and thus become the best version of ourselves, every day a new.

One of these promising products is 

A vegan dietary supplement that brings the acid-base household into balance. It detoxifies the body of toxins, which nowadays occur in multiple forms, both in our environment and in our diet.


It’s never too late to break new ground and realize ideas that sound dreamy.

Strong products need strong partners in order to be able to carry the inherent potential of both our revolutionary products and the individuals involved into the world. Being our partner means becoming part of our special vision, entering into constructive exchanges and combining productivity with collective awareness / well-being. Together we want to grow both internally and in terms of contributors. We are already looking forward to potential companions that will join the journey.

A healthy lifestyle, that includes not only organic food, clean water and physical activities but also conscious soul work, is essential for cultivating strength and harmony in our body. This is, on a nutritional basis, perfectly complemented by The Body Detoxer. The cleansing of the body from toxins, which nowadays occur in many forms, is promoted by native and natural ingredients.

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